Yamaguchi is located on the westernmost of the main island of Japan, bordering Hiroshima and Shimane on the east and Fukuoka of Kyushu on the west. Yamaguchi’s three sides are surrounded by the sea ―Japan Sea, Seto Inland Sea, Sea of Hibiki – offering stunning views and beautiful beaches. Home to many natural wonders and heritage sites, visitors have the chance to sight-see locations such as the Akiyoshidai cavesTsunoshima Island, the Motonosumi Shrine, the Hagi Castle Town or the national treasure, Rurikoji Temple.

As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsens (hot springs) or bathing facilities that use geothermally heated springs. Yamaguchi is home to many of these and offers both indoor and outdoor options. In addition to the many sake breweries in the city, Yamaguchi provides a wide range of local specialties such as Ato Wagyu Beef, Kawara Soba Noodles and fresh seafood like fugu (pufferfish), kensaki ika (swordtip squid), and kuruma ebi (Japanese tiger prawn), so it is a good place to explore Western Japanese cuisine.